From: Larry Kaye, P.I. (Ret.)
Date: May 12, 2024, 1:17pm

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

You must have heard the hype. I’m here to tell you that the hype is true!

It’s no secret that ordinary people are becoming private investigators everyday.

I’m one of those people who did it and I want to teach you how you can do the same.

As long as you’re over 18, it doesn’t mater how young or old you are. Or your education level. It does not mater where in the US you live. I will train you so you can pass your state private investigator licensing testGUARANTEED or your money back.

There are P.I. schools that claim you can be a licensed P.I. in 90 days. Or that you’ll be able to quit your boring day job in a few weeks and make a living as a professional investigator. Let’s be realistic though; do you honestly think that’s possible?

I mean you have to meet your state’s experience requirements and pass a background check after all! I just don’t believe the “Be a P.I. in 90 days” lie.

Do you believe in magic beans? I sure don’t, but what I do believe in is this program: Shadow School.

In fact… I’m so sure of it – I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is!

Yes, you really can pass your state private investigator licensing exam.

I’m finally living the dream
working for several nationwide PI companies .
Thank you for the knowledge shared and inspiration given.

-Mathew L., Private Investigator

You see, I passed my state licensing test – on the first try – back when there were NO preparation materials anywhere! Believe me, I looked! And I would have paid a king’s ransom to purchase those prep materials! I mean passing the exam is life changing!

So I know how unnerving it can be to face the test with so much riding on the line.

That’s why I started training people on how to become a private investigators. I started back before the internet! I had to take out ads in the back of magazines and mail cassette tape programs to my students. Wow! How far we’ve come.

And as technology has improved over the years, so have my courses in the depth, knowledge and secrets they share.

Thank you so much! Love the classes.
I’ve been working as a PI in training and
these are so much of a help.

– Debra I.

So I’ve taken my five core private investigator courses and combined them into Shadow School. Plus… what the heck, you’re going to see soon enough… I’ve included a bonus course on marketing your P.I. skills in case you want to open your own detective agency. That’s what I did.

Here are the courses you get so you are fully prepared for your state test:

The sale price…

All of those courses together would normally cost you $662 and still be TOTALLY worth it!

But with Shadow School you get all those courses, including the bonus marketing course, for ONLY $497.

You get lifetime access with no re-occurring fees. No books to buy. No membership fees. A one-time payment of $497 and you get the total Shadow School Package PLUS the 1 year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

I mean, I know $497 ain’t cheep, but it’s worth it! Finally being able to earn money as a state licensed private investigator is LIFE CHANGING!

And remember… If you don’t pass your state licensing test after Shadow School, that’s also a 100% Full Refund!


You are completely protected by my no hassle, no questions asked “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”TM. You get 365 DAYS (that is NOT a typo – a FULL YEAR) to use this course! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during that year, just email me and you get a full refund – No Questions Asked!

MORE THAT THAT… If for any reason at all you somehow don’t pass your state licensing exam, I will personally issue a full and prompt refund!

That’s right…
If you don’t pass your state licensing test
I will refund every penny you paid!

because I know it works!

You were the one who helped me
move from Law enforcement to private investigation
and even all the way to opening my very own agency!

-Tim B., Licensed P.I.

Look, I’ll practically stand on my head to help someone who’s hungry, ready to work and willing to put forth an honest effort, but I wont do it for you!

So the bottom line is, if you’re planning on taking your state private investigator license test in the next 6 to 12 months you need to click “Add to Cart” TODAY!

(You can review your order before purchase.)

5 out of 5 stars Another Great Resource From Larry Kaye.

-Nick M., Process Server
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